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Founded in 1977, Slurry Systems, Inc. has completed 100% of its projects awarded and has installed millions of square feet of slurry walls, thousands of deep foundations, and hundreds of earth retention systems.  Throughout the years, we have established relationships nationwide with numerous high-profile & local clients, refineries, and municipalities.  The following profiles a few of our projects:

A former manufacturing site in Seattle, WA needed to contain its contaminated groundwater thereby protecting the nearby Duwamish River, considered a sensitive habitat of endangered salmon stocks.  A review of available technologies concluded that the vibrated beam method was the ideal choice.  Slurry Systems, Inc. installed over 2,300 linear feet to depths of 82’ which keyed into an aquitard penetrating fine sands, silts, and lenses of course sand.  This project has withstood extensive hydro geologic testing and regulatory review, including that of the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers.  The resounding success of this project is just one of the many vibrated beam slurry wall installations emplaced nationwide by Slurry Systems, Inc.
Build a stadium with a playing field below the groundwater table?  When engineers of the Gary Rail Cats Baseball Stadium posed that question, they knew who to call.  To keep the water out Slurry Systems, Inc. installed over 2,000 linear feet of cement bentonite slurry wall – at an average depth of more than 50’.  Using the vibrated beam method (which can be ideal for both construction dewatering & hazardous waste containment), Slurry Systems, Inc. was able to meet the project’s unique construction challenge and stringent schedule.  The Rail Cats Stadium project posed another unique challenge.  How to perform the stadium’s excavation a mere 20’ from the adjacent roadway?  With no room for a sloped excavation, a sheet pile wall was needed.  Slurry Systems, Inc. designed and installed a cantilevered wall using a 2-step configuration and 35’ long sheets, eliminating the need for tie-backs and meeting a deflection criteria of only 2 inches.  In addition, the narrow work platform of the vibrated beam method allowed the slurry wall to be constructed within 3’ of the sheet pile wall.
Slurry Systems, Inc. has an active contract with a local renowned refinery for its modernization project.  This contract has involved the design & installation of cofferdams, inclusive of tie-backs, augercast piles, and CHANCE® HELICAL PIER® Foundation Systems.  The refinery has stringent safety standards and schedules.  We are proud to have gained their trust and respect.

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