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Principal Staff

Our “driving force” team is small and dedicated to providing excellent service.  When you phone you will be greeted by Kim Cidone, our Office Manager Specialist.  She can handle most any question or concern and/or make sure it is properly directed.  We pride ourselves on quick response time.  She has over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry.

We are affiliated with the Deep Foundation Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, Pile Driving Contractor’s Association, and Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates–Chicago.

Dana Wesolek, PEPresident
Dana is a 1991 graduate of the University of Michigan where she earned her degree in Engineering.  She is a registered Professional Engineer in California.  Dana has been involved in the construction business for nearly 20 years.  Since joining Slurry Systems, Inc. in 1996, she has been responsible for estimating and managing all types of projects (vibrated beam slurry walls, conventional slurry wall, sheet piling, and iron sand pervious walls) at all magnitudes and revenue levels.  For five years she worked for the City of Los Angeles as a project engineer for a wide variety of construction projects for the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant.  At the time of her resignation from the City of Los Angeles, she had been promoted to Sanitary Engineering Associate.  She returned to the Midwest to assume an active role in the family business.

Fred Schmednecht, PEVice-President
Fred is a 1958 (Bachelor's) and 1962 (Master's) graduate of Purdue University where he earned his degrees in Civil Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Indiana and Illinois. Fred founded Slurry Systems, Inc. in 1977 and has more than 50 years of experience in the deep foundation business.  He has managed more than 1000 deep foundation projects, including bearing and sheet pile, dynamic compaction, cofferdams, gates and funnels, and grouting.  He was granted the first U.S. and Canadian patents on the vibrated beam method for installation of slurry walls, which he perfected.  In addition, Fred patented the high pressure jetting method for sheet piling installation in hard, dense soils where conventional methods had failed.

Dave Pachan – QC Manager and Safety Oversight
Dave is a 1987 graduate of Wayne State University where he earned his B.S. in Geology.  He continued his education at the University of Texas, earning a M.S. in Structural Geology in 1991.  He has worked in the environmental industry since 1991 and has 15 years of experience in the construction industry, specializing in remediation.  He joined the staff of Slurry Systems in 2007, and since then has focused his attention on conventional soil-bentonite slurry walls, vibrated beam slurry walls, pressure grouting, and pile driving.

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